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What are the size limits of emails, images and documents?

Lauren Kaplan
posted this on April 21, 2010, 3:39 PM

The following section contains requirements and best practices for images, documents, and headers to be used in emails.

  • By default each document should be no larger than 1MB in size, and your portfolio folder can handle up to 100MB for all of your stored documents combined. Please contact your ExactTarget  representative to increase these limits
  • See the the ASCII list  for a list of characters that are not allowed in your document filename.
  • ExactTarget supports JPEG and GIF formats

  • The maximum width of the image depends on which content box contains the image. Each template layout option has different content box widths. For best results, consult the width specifications for content boxes in a standard email template later in this topic.
  • You can upload any type of document that can be opened in a browser window. However, the subscriber clicking the document link must have the software necessary to open the file installed on his or her computer. For this reason, the recommended format for documents is PDF, as the Adobe Reader software necessary to open a PDF can be downloaded for free by any subscriber.

Header Images
  • As a best practice, your header should consist of an image only, with Original selected as the image size.

  • Your header image should be exactly 600 pixels wide and no deeper than 150 pixels.

  • Use 72 dpi for your header image.

Content Box Widths

See the attached Template Size Guidelines document below for the maximum base width (in pixels) for an image that you want to insert into a content box in your template-based email, depending on which layout was chosen for the template.

Note: Please note the following:

  • The image sizes shown are the absolute maximum widths, which can be used when you leave the content box border set to "off" and you change the margin setting to 0 (by default, the margin is set for a 4-pixel padding). If you add a border or include a margin, you'll need to decrease the width of the image accordingly.

  • If your header includes an image, set all of your content boxes' margins to 0 so as to avoid white space in the header. Having a margin greater than 0 widens the email, which adds padding around the header area, leading to white space around the header image.