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Jeremy Girdler June 25, 2014 ExactTarget Tips and Tricks / Email Design Tips & Tricks

This recently updated 'Design Toolkit' from ExactTarget provides a great foundation for modern email design.  From design basics to mobile challenges, coding fundamentals, and data inputs, the resource here will help you make your emails "look good, work well, and get results".  

Let us know if we can help with your design needs.



Jeremy Girdler August 14, 2013 ExactTarget Tips and Tricks / Additional Software Tools & Tricks


When a subscriber opens their email application, you can now define within ExactTarget what the preview of the email will be.  Not all email clients display a preview, but for Gmail users and most mobile device clients, it is important to start defining your preview and grabbing your subscriber’s attention!  

A great recommendation here is to “use this space to add a call to action, a short summary of your email, additional text to support the subject line, provide a coupon or promotion code or use this space to drive value of the email content.”   

The ‘Preheader’ will be defined in the ‘Properties’ of an email.  It's important to note that special characters and HTML will not be supported here, as well as the recommended length of the Preheader message should be 85-100 characters. More details can be found here, but as always test thoroughly in different email clients before conducting your send, and drop us a line at help@fanmailmarketing.com if you have any questions.

Jeremy Girdler August 14, 2013 ExactTarget Tips and Tricks / Additional Software Tools & Tricks

Within the ExactTarget application you have the ability to set a send to go out over a certain amount of time to a set amount of subscribers.  Send Throttling can be very beneficial for multiple reasons, including: 

  • To control inbound traffic to a website, meaning, the interest generated by email may result in server crashes due to too many people visiting.
  • To limit the number of emails sent to a particular domain each hour.  

A throttle is set during a 'Guided Send', if you don't see this option it must be enabled in your account first, there is no fee for this activation.



Let's say you have a list size of about 100.000 that you are wanting to announce a new website to, you're afraid the increased traffic will crash your server so you decide to set up a throttle to push the announcement out over a defined amount of time.

Once you select the 'Send Throttling' option during a 'Guided Send' (see image below), you could then set your variables as follows:

Send throttle Start time:  12pm
Send throttle End time:  3pm
Limit: 5,000 per hour

What this will do is, the send will start at noon and blast the first 5,000 subscribers on your list then stop...then at 1pm will send to the next 5,000 and so on. This process will continue until the throttle end time of 3pm.  At that time if the send is not complete because there are still subscribers on the list that have not been sent to, the send will pick up the next day at the start time of 12pm and will continue this process on the schedule until the total list has been sent to.


More details on throttling can be found on the link below, about three quarters of the way down you'll see a heading on 'Send Throttling".  If you have any questions or need any assistance with setting this up, please reach out to us at help@fanmailmarketing.com.





Jeremy Girdler February 4, 2013 Direct to Fan Marketing Knowledge / Direct-to-Fan Trends & Knowledge


Taking into account the growing market for SMS communications, ExactTarget has released several new publications outlining best practices and strategies to initiate and refine your mobile campaigns.  In the attached resources you'll find help in creating a successful mobile strategy as well as you'll be guided through the processes to make this so.

The resource, 4 Stages of a Smart Mobile Strategy, is an overall view into your mobile campaign and provides solutions and best practices to help get your campaign started in the right direction.  From acquiring new subscribers, to welcoming them, increasing engagement, and retaining your customers, this is the go to resource when just beginning your mobile campaign or looking to revamp your previously established program.

The Mobile Roadmap takes it to the next level and is a necessity to read if just beginning your mobile campaign.  It guides you from your initial implementation to nine months out into your campaign, providing you with best practices and proven tactics along the way. 

By following these recommendations, you'll have the framework for a successful mobile strategy and can start converting mobile into money!  Drop us a line at help@fanmailmarketing.com if you have any questions or are interested in adding mobile into your marketing mix. 

Jeremy Girdler June 20, 2012 Direct to Fan Marketing Knowledge / FAQs

The Two-Factor Authentication process is a newly enhanced security measure by ExactTarget that helps protect your account and information from unauthorized access.  We've ran into this question a lot and trust me we had the same frustrations to begin with.  Good thing though is we are all more protected, and best of all there is a secure work-around!!!  The work-around is via IP Whitelisting.  

What this will do is you can enter the IP Address for your office, home, etc..., and that IP will then be known as a trusted source and you will no longer have to enter the activation code if accessing your account via that IP. The link here, IP Whitelisting, is documentation on how to whitelist an IP address in your account.  Basically though;

  • Click on the "Admin" button in the top bar.
  • Click on "Login IP Whitelist" on the left under "Account Settings"
  • Click "Create"
  • Enter your IP Address and a description.  If you have a static IP then use the same address for the start and end.  If you have a dynamic IP, then enter a greater range here, so if your IP Address is, enter this as your end IP and set your beginning IP as  
  • click 'Save'.

If you are unsure of how to find your IP, you can go to; www.whatismyip.com. Some accounts might not have this feature activated, but just let us know if not and we'll get it taken care of. Hopefully you find this helpful and please let us know if you have any questions.


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